Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Spring Trend - Lace-Ups

Dress: Herve Leger

Brandy Melville - $27
Forever 21 - $17.90

Revolve - $150.00

This spring/summer season a lot of designers are coming out with a lot of garments with lace-up detailing. When I was in New York, I visited a fashion warehouse where various brands new pieces are held and many of the designers had at least one item per collection that had some sort of lace-up. Some designers featured this detail in the chest as a lace up front detail, some also did lace-up details on the sides of shirts or shorts.
It is very easy to get your hands on an item that has a lace-up because so many stores are carrying the brands that feature this type of garment. 
As for styling purposes, the tops are usually seen with a simple bottom to focus on that one area of detail. Such as a simple lace-up blouse with light wash jeans. If you wanted to make a more fashion-forward outfit, I recommend that you wear a lace up piece on top, a simple garment on the bottom, and then add a shoe that also has a lace up detail. This adds a unity to the outfit and allows for there to be some sort of theme to it. Many designer fashion shows show this in their styles, by having some sort of lace-up in both the top and the shoe.
This is one of the very wearable trends that is very in this season and there are many ways to style these pieces, this small detail is a definite must in any closet. 

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