Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Winter Formal

Dress: Revolve - Shoes: YSL

So this weeks edition is all about finding that perfect winter formal dress for either a school dance, a Christmas party, of a new years party. 

To start off, finding the perfect type of dress to best flatter your body shape is very hard. For the curvy girls, I suggest maybe a body-con dress to show off your curves and to really show off your figure and hug your curves. For the heavier body type, try a shift dress, this will cause the illusion of a slimmer body shape, due to no one body part being accentuated, it also does not add any extra fabric that will appear to add weight. For the skinny/not that curvy bodies, I suggest a fit and flare, this will cause the illusion of a curvier figure due to the flare near the hips and the tightness at the chest. 

Now on to the look of the dresses. For a party look, try something that has a pop of color, this will draw attention to you in a crowded room. Causing everyone to want to stop to look at your outfit. Or, try a dress with a lot of sparkle, this will cause the same affect as the colored dress, it will also make your outfit fun and unique. For a school event, try to avoid an uncomfortable dress due to the amount of movement you will be doing during the night. Also, try to avoid anything stark white because sweat stains are very easily noticeable on a while dress, especially a silk dress. Also, another option is a dress with no back, this will allow for some skin to show and to draw attention to your dress. Another style I love is a dress with slight sequins around the neckline, this will make it so you don't have to wear a necklace and it is very fun and elegant. 

Now onto what stores you should look at to find your perfect dress based on your budget. 
For a budget under $100, try these stores:
Forever 21
For a budget of $100-$250, try these stores:
Urban Outfitters 
Nasty gal 
For a budget of $300 and up, try these stores:
Neiman Marcus
Saks Fifth Avenue

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  1. Hi, can you tell me which size did you take for this dress?
    Thank you